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Music Production (Ableton Live) Course
E-TracX DJ Skool

Music Production (Ableton Live) Course

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E-TracX DJ Skool

411A Jalan Besar

Singapore 209014 



6 Sessions, 2 hours each (Total 12 hours)



Lesson 1: Introduction to Ableton Live

Learning Points:

- Introduction to Ableton as a music sequencer

- What distinguishes Live from other programs

- Getting to know the interface

- Getting to know the basics of a groove/song

- Understanding the basics of a Clip

- Variation with Clips


Lesson 2: Jamming with Clips and Scenes

Learning Points:

- Understanding song structure

- Create basic song structures using Scenes as building blocks

- Learning the basics of Ableton's Warping feature

- Learn the basics of the Loop Brace in Clips

- Deeper exploration of the creative possibilities of Clip manipulation

- Using Loopmasters


Lesson 3: Introduction to Arrangement View and Audio Effects

Learning Points:

- Track View vs Clip View

- Understanding the fundamentals of the Simple Delay

- In-depth understanding of Autofilter as an effect and as a Spectral Isolating tool for 

- Introduction to the Arrangement View

- Experience of performing with Ableton Live

- Recording your performance, mistakes and all

- Arrange View editing to correct mistakes and refine arrangement

- Arrange View editing for creative purposes, like Slicing and making Fills

- Recording Arrangements with Scenes and Clips


Lesson 4: Introduction to Midi, Drum Rack and Chords

Learning Points:

- The fundamentals of Midi needed to compose with Midi Clips and Virtual Instruments

- Understanding Synthesizers Bars, Beats and 16ths

- Introduction to the types of drum machines of the past

- Understanding the acoustic set up and basics of drums

- Introduction to Chords and its anatomy


Lesson 5: Operator, Low-end theory, Automations

Learning Points:

- In-depth understanding of Operator

- Creating Bass synths with Operator

- Introduction to Simpler and its possibilities with Drum Rack

- Track Automations

- The concept of transitions


Lesson 6: Basics of Mixdown, Reverb and Simpler

Learning Points:

- Use of Arpegiators with Chords to break down notes

- Introducing the 5 steps of basic Mixing

- Discuss concepts of Side-Chain Compressing

- Building custom Risers

- Introduction to Reverb and its importance



Aaron (Electronic Dance Music)

Koflow (Hip Hop)


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