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Elementary DJ Course
E-TracX DJ Skool

Elementary DJ Course

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E-TracX DJ Skool

411A Jalan Besar

Singapore 209014



3 Sessions, 2 hours each (Total 6 hours)



Our Elementary DJ Course will train you the basics of DJ-ing, using both Turntables and CD/Media players, as well as introduce the use of MIDI Controllers.

You will first be introduced to various types of DJ equipment and their features / functions; after which, you will learn the fundamentals of DJ-ing.

Two of the most basic are Beat Matching “by ear” – Matching the tempo of an upcoming track to the one that is currently playing, and Mixing – The blending of 2 songs (or more) in a seamless and musical manner.


Learning Points:

– Introduction to DJ Equipment and their features / functions

(Turntables, CD/Media Players, DJ Mixers, MIDI Controllers)

– Music Genres, Song Structure

– Beat, Bar, and Phrase Counting

– EQ, Volume Control

– Beat Matching, Mixing

– Harmonic / Key Mixing


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