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5 Cats & A Silly Human (eBook)

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eBook (121 pages)

This book is a collection of cat silliness; and it's dedicated to cat lovers who enjoy a little nonsense sometimes.  

**This book is not suitable for kids.
**This book is best viewed in landscape mode.


A little background as to how it came to be that the E-TracX cats decided to write a book.

During this rather trying time right now, Steph told the cats that they'd have to get a job to help pay for food and the bills.

Their response to this was to write this book and hope that someone would enjoy it.... and, hopefully, tell their friends about it.

The proceeds of their book will go to helping to pay for food for the 5 bozos (*OUCH!*), as well as the 2 stray cats who come to our backdoor asking for food every day. The 2 strays have recently started to bring along a friend; so, u'll be helping to feed 8 cats.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our silly little book. :)

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